Planning on Building or Setting Up a Family Home?

When it comes to renovating or building our new home, we all want the best building materials and systems to be fitted in our homes.

Among our choices, windows and doors remained the most important aspect of our building structure. It not only must provide security to our love ones, it also must be highly durable, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to reflect our quality lifestyle as well as our appreciation for beauty that last.

As the reliable and trained specialist of VEKA – a leading name in quality uPVC window and door systems with over 100 million windows and doors fitted around the world

– we are glad to pass on
VEKA’s sound knowledge and professional experiences in windows and doors to your homes.


Benefits of VEKA uPVC Window and Door


VEKA - the economical and safe solution

VEKA windows are easy to maintain and do not require either undercoating or painting. You save the cost of paint and maintenance materials. Surface to say the fittings need to be oiled about once a year in order to maintain smooth, correct operation over long periods of time. Due to the excellent insulation values, VEKA windows save energy when external temperatures are low and provide good insulation from the heat in hot climates.

The long life of these modern VEKA windows is one of the most important economic factors.

As far as safely is concerned, VEKA windows offer increased protection against break-ins and theft due to their high stability and the fitting and insulation technology used. Furthermore, the level of safety can be further increased by using special fittings.




  • Low Maintenance
    uPVC windows and doors frames is maintained by an occasional cleaning with mild detergent such as soapy water.

  • No Painting
    Unlike other frames, white uPVC frames never need painting or staining. It has a homongenous colour throughout the whole extruded profile.

  • Colour Fast
    uPVC frames materials are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure the the appearance of the frames will not deteriorate with time. Some loss of gloss may be apparent after many years but this can be simply remedied.

  • No Rotting, Rusting or Corroding
    Timber, metal and aluminium frames are normally subject to rotting, rusting and corroding. This will not happen to uPVC frames.

  • No Wrapping or Twisting
    uPVC does not absorb moisture and therefore unlike timber will not wrap.

  • Tough and Durable
    There are two kinds of uPVC generally used in the manufacture of uPVC windows and doors. The kind recommended by the BPFWG is called "impact modified", which means the special additives have been used to make the material both tough and durable.

  • Resists Combustion
    uPVC frames will only burn subjected to an external fire source. Once the source is removed the flames will self extinguish. An independent fire test by the Fire Research Station showed that uPVC windows did not exhibit any aspects of performance which could create new hazards in fire involving buildings.

  • Insulation
    uPVC frames have inheretly high thermal and acoustic performance. This can be further enhanced by the use of double glazing glass.

  • Cost Competitive
    uPVC windows and doors are long lasting and virtually maintenance free and therefore are the most effective option. It is for this reason that Local Authority Specifiers throughout UK use uPVC in theirs housing stocks.

  • High Performance
    When properly manufactured uPVC windows and doors will comply with the requirements of BS6375 Parts 1 and 2, and all other relevant British Standards. When installed in accordance with the BPF/GGF "Code of Practice for Survey and Installation of White Impact Modified uPVC windows" (Ref: COP2), they will give high performance in service.

  • Design Capabilities
    It is possible to reproduce most styles of windows, including vertical sliding windows, pivot windows and traditional casement in variety of finishes.

  • Environmental Friendly
    The uPVC frame materials are recyclable and are also energy efficient in production. They have no adverse effects on the rain forests.






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