VEKA uPVC Profiles – The Art of Framing Quality Benefits

If the elegant appearance of VEKA’s SOFTLINE windows and doors have impressed you, perhaps you would like to know more about what distinguishes VEKA above others. Before you rush excitedly into a decision, take some time to discover the core material of VEKA’s uPVC window and door systems-the material for this Millennium.




uPVC – Superior Material for Supreme Performance

uPVC is an exceptional raw material. It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendly. With the right combination of ingredients like stabilizers, pigments and fillers, the optimal quality uPVC is manufactured.

Such fine modern window and door systems are far superior than any aluminum, steel and timber systems. It eliminate the possibility of air, water and sound leakages with its twin sealing gaskets.

They also hold up beautifully to atmospheric corrosion, weathering erosion and discoloration. And with their multi-chamber technology, they offer superior thermal insulation for more efficient cooling or heating of room, not to mention, their enhanced security capabilities.




Facing Up to Asia-Pacific’s Harshest Critics Beautifully

In designing the perfect window and door systems for Asia-Pacific, VEKA look into special consideration such as cultural preferences and harsh weather. After all, compromising on quality and performance standards of each country’s requirements isn’t an option.

That is why VEKA took its high quality uPVC material and further enhanced it to withstand Asia-Pacific’s harshest critic – the unforgiving tropical climate. The result is VEKA’s revolutionary “Tropical Compound” which is common among its SOFTLINE range of uPVC profiles. These systems get tough against intensive solar radiation, high heat and humidity. This means no discoloration and deterioration of uPVC window and door systems for many years to come.


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